Raising An Emotionally Intelligent Child (Paperback) by
    John Gottman

    Amazon Customer review

    I am a child/family psychologist and don't like most parenting books for
    my clients because they present theories as facts without the research
    behind it. This is one of 3 books that I recommend because it is well-
    researched yet easy to read and comprehend. Gottman's work in the field
    of psychology is highly respected, and the research from which this book
    emanates is thorough and rigorous. Yet his format in the book is such
    that you can immediately begin to apply his "emotion-coaching"
    technique. If you are having difficulty coping with your child's emotional
    outbursts, read this book!


                                                             The Good Divorce (Paperback) by Constance Ahrons  

    Amazon Customer review

    I am a Counselor. Rule #1 is "Do not counsel friends and family."
    I gave this book to my son and his ex. Their break up was BEYOND
    poisonous to my Grandson. I asked them to read it & seek help.
    Otherwise I was going to seek custody of my Grandson. {It was THAT
    bad.} This book, along with a good 3rd party counselor, helped
    immensely. It is, in my opinion, good no nonsense advice. It will help
    open eyes of exactly WHAT you are possibly doing to your children during
    a divorce.


    Your Divorce Advisor: A Lawyer and a Psychologist Guide
    You Through the Legal and Emotional Landscape of
    Divorce (Paperback) by Diana Mercer and Marsha Kline

    Amazon Review

    Review by Janet Johnston, Executive Director, Judith Wallerstein Center
    for the Family in Transition, and author of In the Name of the Child

    Your Divorce Advisor, written by a seasoned lawyer-and-psychologist
    team, is a gem of a guidebook that empowers divorcing adults to take
    control of their own divorce -- legally, financially, and emotionally. It walks
    the reader through the divorce process, step by step. Vital information
    about financial matters and state-of-the-art research about the needs of
    children allow the reader to make constructive decisions for themselves
    and for their children, setting them on the pathway toward solutions that
    work for everybody involved. All of this is presented in a manner that is
    compassionate, sensible, and most comforting.


    Conducting Child Custody Evaluations: A Comprehensive
    Guide By Philip M. Stahl

    Amazon Review

    "This text is comprehensive, covering topics from interviewing children to
    how evaluators can stay current and experience professional renewal. It
    also has some very practical information relevant to anyone who performs
    child custody evaluations, from old hands to beginners. . . . This book is
    valuable to anyone interested in this subject: evaluators who seek to
    perform this task, attorneys who seek to understand the process of
    evaluation, judges who seek to evaluate the quality of an evaluation, and
    even parents who undergo such an evaluation. It presents a significant
    contribution to the field." --Family and Conciliation Courts Review

    From Publishers Weekly

    If marriage is a holy act, what does that make divorce? A rabbi, divorced
    father of three and the child of divorce, Netter writes about divorce with
    clarity on both practical and emotional issues and doesn't hesitate to
    share his own pain and growth. Jewish literature, both classical and
    contemporary, he says, is uncharacteristically silent about divorce.
    Conventional wisdom still interprets it as a sin, an embarrassment to
    family and community. One exception is Rashi, the 11th-century biblical
    commentator, who states succinctly that "divorce is a mitzvah"(a
    commandment or good deed) in his remarks on a passage in
    Deuteronomy about granting a bill of divorce. "To seek the holy and the
    sacred is what I believe to be the central question governing divorce,"
    writes Netter. Each chapter tackles common questions that Netter
    addresses with tact and sensitivity, placing them in appropriate
    psychological, legal, emotional, financial and religious contexts: Why is
    this happening to me? Should I leave or not? What do I do with all this
    anger? What is the ritual of the "get" (Jewish bill of divorce)? Do I litigate or
    mediate? How do we continue raising children together? Powerful biblical
    examples recast the growth process that often accompanies divorce.
    Rabbi Laura Geller's afterword on new Jewish divorce rituals adds a
    welcome feminist perspective. Netter's guide reads like an extended visit
    to the rabbi's study-especially comforting because this rabbi knows all too
    well what his visitor is going through.

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