"Mr Shiell recently represented me for almost one year in a prolonged, complicated, legal action to
reduce and or eliminate my alimony obligation.  Warren is extremely knowledgeable, fair,
responsive, wise, and very experienced with a chaotic legal system. He knew which additional
experts were critical to the successful resolution of my case.

Although Warren gives the appearance of being very calm and "laid back"  he is a tough negotiator
and always represented my best interests against a team of lawyers who were aggressive and
extremely confrontational. I value Warren's advice and in retrospect, he was 100% accurate in all
the information he conveyed to me in a timely fashion. Warren's billing was honest and fair.
Thankfully, my alimony "battle" is now behind me with a successful resolution thanks to the
expertise of
Mr Shiell.  Based on my personal experience, I highly recommend Warren Shiell!"

Gary L.

"Warren is conscientious, reliable, intelligent, and professional.  He did great work for me and I'd
happily work with him again in the future.  He explained everything to me clearly in terms I could
understand, and followed through with excellent results.  His knowledge and experience in family
law is unrivaled - some of his work has become case law!  In fact, the lawyer on the other side of
the table clearly respected Warren very highly, which helped resolve things very quickly and

Joseph T.

"Warren represented me as I went through a very difficult divorce. I have an 8 month old daughter
and was emotionally drained from the events leading up to the dissolution of my marriage and
discouraged by the thought of being a single mom. Warren made my life so much easier and kept
me calm, collected and focused in court. He is honest, helpful, organized and thorough. When
judgement came back in my favor, I had only Warren to thank. Even after my case was settled, he
continued to be helpful by answering any questions I had going forward. I would recommend
Warren to anyone needing an attorney and I now see why a judge in the Los Angeles area referred
me to him. That referral is one that I am the most grateful for. Thank you Warren! My daughter and
I appreciate you! "


"Warren Shiell represented me on my divorce case. My ex husband was represented by an
attorney who was the most unethical malicious attorney you can find.  When the divorce process
started I was served papers and received angry phone calls from my ex husbands attorney.  She
was screaming at me on the phone and she used legal terms I did not understand.  At that point I
knew I needed a good lawyer to represent me and I needed someone good.  I needed someone
that knew the law inside and out, that could challenge my ex husband lawyer’s fictitious tales and
speak up to judges in the courts.   Luckily I found and retained Warren Shiell.

During the divorce I was not all that together. I was upset at my ex husband. I was distraught and
saddened when faced with so many false accusations.  His attorney even claimed I might be
"bipolar." Warren was by my side the entire time.  He was professional and available for me any
time I needed him - day or night.  He always returned all my phone calls.  He asked me the right
questions and took notes on everything I said.  He always asked me for my personal opinions. He
listened carefully and always took what I had to say into consideration.  I trusted him to know
everything - all the facts - and to use those facts to defend me 100%- which he did.  

The case went on for a long time. I don't have the exact statistics but it seemed that every time we
were in court we won.  That is why the other side ended up dismissing their child custody claims.  
That is why the other side eventually settled instead of going through a costly and lengthy trial. The
other side dropped almost every claim they brought up including a restraining order. My ex
husband and his attorney seemed to tire out from such repeated defeats.  That is also why I ended
up with what I wanted in the divorce - which was primary child custody, sole ownership of the family
residence, and a generous alimony and child support for many years to come.

I was also impressed by the team Warren put together to help me. That’s the thing about Warren,
he seems to "know everyone" in the field.  Lawyers, judges, accountants, mediators, clerks,
therapists, doctors, etc.   He is familiar with other professional’s reputations. As you work with him
you also shares with you all that information. Warren is the most active and connected professional
I have ever hired and worked with.

As a mother of three kids, I would say to any other parent or person who is faced with what I have
been through and who needs a family law attorney - to hire Warren Shiell.   I have no doubt in my
mind, that probably some day I may end up in court again and he is who I will march in with by my
side.  When you hire Warren Shiell as your attorney, you will feel safe, you will feel protected, and
you can feel rest assured he would use all his resources and powers to defend you.

If this letter has not been enough of a testimonial, I herby give Warren the permission to you, to ask
to be able to contact me personally, and I can sit down and tell you from my mouth what I have lived
through, and how through the representation of my attorney "I came out alive".  Thank God."  


"Thank you for your excellent services in litigating my divorce. The case was somewhat contentious
and I have appreciated your steady hand as we went through the process. In particular, your
accessibility and quick response were very reassuring. I have had friends in similar circumstances
that had difficulties reaching their attorneys or felt the responses they got were inadequate or
untimely. You have always been right on top of the situation. Considering that I was out of state, we
only had one face-to-face meeting during the mediation, and you managed this case otherwise with
solely electronic and telephonic interactions between us, you did a great job.

There were a couple of specific occasions when you displayed admirable legal savvy against my
wife’s attorney preposterous claims. You managed to beat my wife’s claim that one of our
properties was her separate property and your special interrogatories were concise and
discriminating. You always kept us well prepared, made clear to me what the “game plan” was, and
led me through the process step by step. I am relieved that you avoided a costly trial and reached
a settlement agreement. Thank you for your fine service, your professional yet friendly demeanor,
and your dry sense of humor when the going got tough.


Warren was extremely helpful. When attempting to navigate the legal system when it is relative to
situations so near to your heart, the family law process can be arduous and draining. Warren
helped me to be confident enough to get what I wanted and yet still remain flexible when it
mattered. He was prompt in our meetings and explained everything clearly. He was a pleasure to
work with and I'm grateful for all of his help!"


"I can tell you that I appreciate that you were focused on getting my case done, and not waisting my
time. You were prompt... and you really knew what you were talking about. Thanks... and Happy


"Warren Shiell is one of the smartest attorneys I know. Our office, Peace Talks Mediation Services,
Inc., refers many clients to him because we know that he will help clients review our mediated
agreements without trying to take advantage of them or overcharge them. He gives clients an
honest assessment and solid advice at a reasonable price."


As much as I do not like lawyers I have to say I had a good experience with Mr. Shiell. When my
wife filed for divorce all I could think about is all these horror stories I heard from my friends when
they got divorced and ended up paying an arm and a leg. I got more custody than I expected and
we worked out spousal support that is somewhat tolerable (as much as it can ever be...) Although
lawyers don?t come cheap his rates were more reasonable than other lawyers I talked to. He is
very sharp and knew exactly what he was doing. He was very friendly but he was very tough in
court and always got results. My ex's attorney made a lot of noise but that was about it. I
recommend him highly.


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